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Writing Samples

The Unspoken Contradictions of Quebec’s Immigration Policy
Familial separation can have devastating consequences on mental health and productivity.
– May 2024; The Walrus
Why YSL Beauty Is Combatting Abuse in Canada
The international cosmetics brand branches its successful “Abuse Is Not Love” program into the country.
– March 2024; Strategy
How to Bridge the Consumer Knowledge Gap
Regeneration Canada, McCain are spreading awareness about sustainable agriculture.
– February 2024; Strategy
Creative Report Card 2024
A deep dive into Canada’s top advertising agencies, brands, creatives and strategists this year.
– Spring 2024; Strategy
What Being Pro-Palestine Means to Me
I want Palestinians to be afforded basic humanity. I know saying so might affect my career or friendships.
– February 2024; The Walrus
Content Creators Take Control of Their Brands
Some influencers are becoming more selective when it comes to brand affiliation, as they seek more creative freedom and collaborative partnerships.
– Winter 2024; Strategy
The Feminist Evolution of Menstrual Underwear Advertising
How marketers went from helping women “keep their secret” to mainstreaming a reusable product that’s part of a $150 million USD market.
– Fall 2023; Strategy
How Can CMOs Drive Diversity Within the Upper Ranks?
Racialized immigrant women are almost completely absent in executive roles.
– October 2023; Strategy
Halal Sex: Growing Up Devoutly Sufi and Nonbinary
What happens when Muslims from traditional families set out to pursue open and active sex lives in the West.
– June 2023; The Walrus (book excerpt)
Inside Story
Journalist Sheima Benembarek’s new book, Halal Sex, explores Muslim women’s sexuality through the lens of their doubts, thoughts, and hopes for a liberated future.
– March 2023; Vogue Arabia
Why This Muslim Author Wants Us To Talk More About Sex
In the Muslim community at large, we don’t talk openly about sex enough. Telling stories like my own is meant to make public this unnecessarily hushed conversation.
– March 2023; Chatelaine (book excerpt)
“I’m 43, I’ve Been in Long-Term Relationships and I’m a Virgin By Choice”
In her new book Halal Sex, Sheima Benembarek shares personal stories of Muslim immigrants and their relationships to sex and sexuality. 
– March 2023; Best Health (book excerpt)
Tried It: Instagram’s Buzzy Custom Haircare Line, Prose
Twenty-five consultation questions and a week of use later, my curls and I love each other
– February 2023; Chatelaine
Book Review: Return by Kamal Al-Solaylee
Why We Go Back to Where We Come From
– December 2021; Quill & Quire
Zarqa Nawaz wants to tackle romantic tropes about Muslims in upcoming series
The ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ creator is confronting a Hollywood double standard with ‘Zarqa’
-June 2021; Broadview
Found in Translation
The gender politics of South Korea.
-October 2020; Literary Review of Canada
How Do You Write about Your Community’s Hard Truths?
In her new novel, Farzana Doctor defies a long-standing culture of silence around female genital cutting.
-October 2020; The Walrus
Interview with Alicia Elliott
The Tuscarora author reflects on the media bias surrounding the MMIWG report and shares her thoughts on writing, publishing and the responsibility of news outlets.
-August 2019; Broadview
Muslim Pride: A timely LGBTQ memoir
In her book, We Have Always Been Here, Samra Habib considers LGBTQ rights in Islamic culture through a personal exploration of sexual identity.
-June 2019; Literary Review of Canada
Women in leadership: Cisco’s Rola Dagher says giving up was never an option
The tech president that went from Lebanese bomb shelters to heading one of the biggest corporations in Canada.
-June 2019; Corporate Knights
Women in leadership: Kate Brandt’s on a mission to green Google with the help of AI
The White House’s first-ever sustainability officer takes her passion for the planet to the internet giant. 
-May 2019; Corporate Knights
What They Said at the Very End
Seven writers share their loved ones’ final words.
-March 2019; Reader’s Digest
Women in leadership: Frances Edmonds on the end of the ‘take, make and dispose’ economy
How one ‘eco babe’ helped HP close the waste loop years before other companies were thinking about it.
-April 2019; Corporate Knights
Breaking the Bank
Immigrants have been charged exorbitant fees to send money home, but new technology offers an escape.
-April 2019; Maisonneuve
They Haven’t Disappeared
Almost two years after enacting a plastic bag ban, Morocco slowly adapts to the new reality.
-January 2018; Corporate Knights
The heartwrenching reality of mourning between cultures
How one writer dealt with her father’s death, between Canada and Morocco.
-May 2017; This
Interview with Kamal Al-Solaylee
The bestselling author and journalism professor at Ryerson University talks about his latest book, an exploration into the experience of being brown.
-May 2017; Broadview
Interview With Sally Armstrong
For over two decades, Sally Armstrong, an award-winning Canadian journalist and human rights activist, has reported on the realities of women in war zones.
-February 2016; The United Church Observer